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Guardians of Beauty

A New Catholic Podcast Series

Sharing Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Episode One, which focuses on the virtue of hope, was released on Oct. 22, 2020, on Saint John Paul II’s feast day. To find out more about the show, and to learn how to listen to it, go to the following site:

Episode Two, published on Feb. 15, 2021, features Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson — the Louise Cowan Scholar in Residence at the University of Dallas in the Classical Education and Humanities Graduate Program —who talks about Dante Alighieri, widely regarded as one of Italy’s greatest poets, who wrote The Divine Comedy. She talks about how he and the poem inspires hope in her. To find out more about this episode, go to the following site:

Episode Three, published on June 12, 2021, focus on faith. Sonya Thelen Meldahl has a teenage son named Carson, who is battling a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Her deep faith in God says that Carson will beat the disease. She talks about her faith in this episode of Guardians of Beauty. 

Her testimony is a beautiful witness to how much she loves and trusts God. The episode also includes several short reflections by people who are praying for Carson and his family. to listen to the podcast, click here:

To learn more, and to pray for the family, go to the Facebook page Sonya has made for her son, called Carson Confronts Cancer:

Here’s more information on the podcast from my appearance on the CatholicTV Network:

A Call for Talent

It’s time… which is why I’m searching for you.

It’s time for beauty.

“This world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair,” St. Paul VI once wrote. “It is beauty, like truth, which brings joy to the heart of man and is that precious fruit which resists the wear and tear of time, which unites generations and makes them share things in admiration.”

It’s time for the dreamers, the singers, the actors, the playwrights, the poets, the directors, the writers, the comedians, the musicians, the spoken word artists — creative disciples who are seekers of truth, beauty, and goodness — to step forward.

It’s time for Catholic Gen-Z/Millennial artists to share original short audio dramas/skits/musicals, poems, prayer reflections, monologues, comedy routines, songs, audio diaries, spoken-word performances — “all this,” wrote St. Paul VI, “through your hands. … Remember that you are the guardians of beauty in the world.”

It’s time for a new podcast series — a Catholic variety show called “Guardians of Beauty,” which would be faithful to the Magisterium, with each episode focusing on a specific virtue — to delight, to entertain, to uplift, to nourish, to move hearts, to point to the saints, to Sacred Scripture, to the Blessed Mother, to God the Father and to Jesus Christ, His Son, the Redeemer, the Light of the world.

“The people who sit in darkness,” St. Matthew wrote, “have seen a great light. On those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death, Light has arisen.”

It’s time because we are in a period of history that is particularly dark and ugly — the pandemic, a staggering number of deaths from despair, a society torn by political divisiveness… If history proves one thing, it is this: mankind seems to perpetually live in ugliness, always teetering at the edge of a cliff… which is why it’s always time for beauty.  

It’s time for creative Catholics to — I’m paraphrasing part of the Catechism now — evoke and glorify, with deep faith and joyful adoration, the transcendent, everlasting, invisible beauty, truth and mystery of God, made visible through His Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s always time to shine a light on beauty, and that light is the Light of Christ.

“In becoming man,” St. John Paul II wrote, “the Son of God has introduced into human history all the evangelical wealth of the true and the good, and with this He has also unveiled a new dimension of beauty, of which the Gospel message is filled to the brim.”

It’s time.

For more information, contact Carlos Briceño at

“Today, as yesterday, the Church needs you and turns to you. … Do not refuse to put your talents at the service of divine truth. Do not close your mind to the breath of the Holy Spirit.”
+ St. Paul VI

About Me

I’m Carlos Briceño, a veteran Catholic journalist who won a fellowship to create an internet radio training in Harlem, NY, and won another fellowship to train at National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. I have had radio stories air on Latino USA, Vatican Radio and WNYC; have trained as a playwright at HB Studio in New York City; written Catholic radio dramas for; and co-created and co-hosted a podcast that talked about the intersection of sports and faith. I’m also a big proponent of Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade’s message, in his book Abandonment to Divine Providence, of encouraging us to live in the Sacrament of the Present Moment. I focus on this at the following site:

That’s the broad aspects of my background; now here are the specifics about how “Guardians of Beauty” came about.

In 2004, I wrote an article in the National Catholic Register about what I felt was missing from Catholic radio — more storytelling aspects — and I mentioned the concept of a Catholic variety show. Here is the article:

The idea stuck to me like a piece of tape. And now, in a world being walloped by anxiety and uncertainty, I’ve been asking God: how can I accomplish Your will to lead others to the peace and joy of Christ?

What I discerned was to bring to life that idea from years ago and create a series to showcase Catholic audio disciples who yearn and burn to lead others, as St. John Paul II said in his “Letter to Artists,” “to that infinite Ocean of beauty, where wonder becomes awe, exhilaration, unspeakable joy.”

Email me at to find out next steps.